The Aim

The JCMA aims to create and provide a forum for interfaith dialogue and shared experience through meeting and discussion in a modern Australian and international context. Meeting and learning from Jews, Christians and Muslims together, leads to a fuller understanding of other faiths and perhaps in turn of our own. By fostering relationships between people of different faiths, JCMA aims to reduce racism, intolerance, bigotry and violence and the associated emotional harm.

The JCMA aims are,

  • To provide all participants of the three mono-theistic Abraham religions with opportunities to interact with one another
  • To reduce racism and intolerance and the damaging effects that experienced racism can have on mental health
  • To ensure a climate of respect and empathy for each other
  • To endeavour to hear and understand other participating representatives and their faith’s perspective on a variety of relevant religious and community issues
  • To build personal relationships and develop friendships between participants thereby facilitating further contact and communication
  • To discover and recognise similarities as well as differences amongst the Jewish, Christian and Muslim faiths
  • To start or enhance an ongoing process of discovery
  • To better understand our own strengths and weaknesses
  • To provide all opportunities required for each community to have regular prayer
  • To provide opportunities for each faith-group to welcome others to prayer or meditation
  • To provide opportunities for engagement in the Holy Texts of each faith group
  • To develop a group (JCMA conference participants) with a new shared knowledge and practical experience of interfaith understanding