Annual Peak Bodies JCMA Event

Annual Peak Bodies Event

JCMA Peak Bodeis Inaugural Meeting June 2012An Annual Peak Bodies JCMA Event was inaugurated in 2013 with the theme “Religion in the Media”.This event focussed on strengthening relationships between the media and the three Abrahamic Faiths by acknowledging and providing positive images and good new stories. It also focussed on strengthening the relationships between JCMA and its three Peak Bodies through collaboration and participation in the Forum.

Annual Events such as this one will aim to raise a positive awareness of JCMA’s profile and JCMA’s main aim of promoting the prevention or the control of behaviour that is harmful or abusive for human beings arising from religious intolerance and cultural discrimination. These events will be hosted by JCMA with the support of JCMA’s Sponsoring Organisations – the Jewish Community Council of Victoria (JCCV) the Victorian Council of Churches (VCC) and the Islamic Council of Victoria (ICV).

It is hoped that these Annual Events will continue to encourage positive interaction between the three Peak Bodies and their associated members, groups, societies, organisations, religious bodies and places of worship while also supporting JCMA.

Masterchef style event – coming soon for 2014

Religion in the Media – 2013

This Forum looked at the topic of “Religion in the Media” with skilled and experienced panellists currently working in the media. They included Michael Gawenda (Director, The Centre for Advanced Journalism, University of Melbourne), Barney Zwartz (Religion Editor, The Age), Dr Nasya Bahfen (Journalist & Communications, Lecturer, RMIT) and Margaret Coffey (ABC Radio National) as MC.