JCMA Schools’ Program Testimonials

God demands love - artwork compPhilip Roach,Head of Religious Education,MacKillop College

  • In our Year 11 Religious Education program, which is based on VCE Religion and Society Unit 1, we seek to deepen in our students the senses that religious questions matter and that to be identified as a member of a religious tradition is okay.The annual visits from the JCMA teams, which support VCE Religion and Society Unit 1, help stimulate a refreshing openness to the relevance of faith, the validity of belonging to a religious tradition and the opportunities that can come from them. I look forward each year to these visits and the opportunity that is provided to see similar but different traditions sitting side to side dealing with some of the real questions of life. The students appreciate that they can listen to the speakers and, more importantly, put their questions to them. The visits have always been well received and leave those present with a better understanding of people from outside their faith traditions.

Mick Leonard,Director of Mission,Mount St Joseph’s Girls’ College

  • We use the JCMA program as part of our school retreat program at Years 10 & 11 and it is always a winner with the students. JCMA has the ability and freedom to allow all sorts of questions from students, who are really searching in life, and appreciate the opportunity that JCMA provides.

Christine Miller,Year 10 Religious Education Staff,Sienna College

  • The presentation this morning to our Year 10s was terrific. The students were engaged for one and a half hours and felt very comfortable to ask questions of all 3 presenters. They addressed the key issues of our learning and added that human touch which made them so approachable.

Tom Leydon,Religious Educator,Mount Lilydale

  • It introduces students in an engaging way to the deep, important, bigger picture issues of morality, ethics, identity and culture, and the how faith forms those. IT gives students the opportunity for interesting discussion.

Picture top RHS:God Demands Love – Art Competition

Participating Schools

GodDemandsLove.com - Art Work CompetitionThere are many workshops being conducted through metropolitan and regional Victoria. Thisincludes a broad spectrum of schools including private and public, those of the three faiths, Jewish, Christian and Islamic as well as single gendered schools, different sized schools and schools with different educational approaches.

The schools who have had a JCMA workshop with an Interfaith Panel are:

  • Aitken College
  • Antonine College
  • Aquinas College
  • Australian International Academy
  • Avila College
  • Ballarat Grammar
  • BillanookCollege
  • Brunswick Secondary College
  • Caroline Chisholm Catholic College
  • Catholic Ladies College
  • East Preston Islamic College
  • Eltham College
  • Gladstone Park Secondary College
  • Hartwell Primary
  • Huntingtower College
  • John Fawkner College
  • Kew High School
  • Kilbreda College
  • Lowther Hall Anglican Grammar
  • MacKillop College
  • Mater Christi College
  • Minaret College
  • Mount Lilydale Mercy College
  • Mount St. Joseph Girls College
  • Nunawading Christian college
  • Our Lady of Victories School
  • Parkhill Primary
  • Padua College
  • Preshil
  • Reservoir District College
  • Rosebud Secondary
  • Samaritan Catholic College
  • Shelford Girls Grammar
  • Sienna College
  • St Anne’s Primary School
  • St. Bede’s College
  • St Columba’s Catholic College
  • St Helena Secondary College
  • St. Joseph’s College Geelong
  • St Kevin’s College
  • Strathcona Baptist GirlsGrammar School
  • The King David School
  • Thomas Carr College
  • Toorak College
  • Xavier College


Picture top RHS: God Demands Love – Art Competition