JCMA Annual Winter Conference 2018

This year’s JCMA Conference in July 2018 will explore the meaning of prayer and the skills we need to listen to one another with respect. The key to interreligious dialogue is listening. We ask “Does God answer my prayer?” – but are we listening for God’s answer? And how can we listen to each other, if our ears are closed?   

Theme: “Listening to God and to each other: Prayer and Dialogue”  

Venue: Don Bosco Centre at 465 Lysterfield Road, Lysterfield

Date & Time: 2:00pm Sunday 29 July to 5:30pm Monday 30 July 2018

Registration:  https://jcmawc2018.eventbrite.com.au  

New Conference Format  

We have taken into account feedback on the two most recent JCMA Winter Conferences and have significantly reworked the format in order to make the experience more accessible to more people. In this way we hope to open up the experience of JCMA to a wider audience without missing the opportunity for the more intimate reflection time afforded by the Winter Conference.

Sunday – from 2pm to 8:30pm – a Seminar Day, with input from members and guest speakers. The day will be open to whoever would like to come with no obligation to remain overnight for the second day of the conference on Monday. This Seminar day will include all the main “input” sessions of the conference. Afternoon tea and a vegetarian meal will be included as part of the program for all who attend. Most importantly, there will be no set charge for attendance on this day – so that no one will feel excluded and as a demonstration of hospitality. (We do ask that those who attend contribute a donation – if they can – to help JCMA cover the incurred costs.)

Monday continuing overnight from Sunday and all day until 5:30pm – a Retreat Day, consisting of time spent in discussion groups and in reflection on scripture texts from each of our three traditions. This will be a time to interact on a deeper level, to listen to one another and to God, and to absorb what we are hearing. It is expected that those who are participating on the Monday also participate in the Sunday Seminar and stay overnight, although this is not mandatory.  

Who is it for?

JCMA conferences are intended for people of all ages who are members of one of the three Abrahamic faith communities, Judaism, Christianity and Islam and is supported by major religious institutions within each faith community.

• Participants include men and women, young and old, lay and clergy, academics and students, and those working in community or welfare roles.

• All participants are asked to agree to the JCMA Principles of Dialogue http://jcma.org.au/priniciples-of-dialogue/

• Anyone from the Jewish, Christian or Muslim communities who subscribes to the aims and purpose of the conference is encouraged to register.   

Registration of Interest  

To register go to Eventbrite:  https://jcmawc2018.eventbrite.com.au.   When registering, please register for EITHER the Sunday Seminar or the Full Package Sunday/Monday:

a) Sunday Seminar is Free to register.  Please consider making a donation toward the costs.

b) Full Package (Sunday and Monday) – the cost for this is $160 (plus Eventbrite booking fee), which includes the Sunday Seminar, overnight accommodation, Monday Retreat and all meals. The Conference Planning Committee will review each registration and provide further details of the event and the program by email closer to the date to all those who registered as conformation of registration.  Please note: The Conference Committee retains the right to decline registrations.

For Information

For further information contact David (Chair, JCMA Conference Committee), call 0400 978 938 or eic@cam.org.au or Ginette (Executive Officer, JCMA) – (03) 9287 5590 or executiveofficer@jcma.org.au.

We look forward to hearing from you and do hope you can join us! m you and do hope you can join us!


JCMA Annual Winter Conference 2017

The theme of the Conference generally follows “Faith and Society”, exploring the interplay between these two all-embracing realms of our existence in the modern context of Australia today. The conference is for those who identify as Jewish, Christian or Muslim, however we are happy to receive participants from all over Australia.

There will be times of joint scripture study, prayer, hearing about the life experiences and faith journeys of others, and sharing our own particular interests. All of this will be around living together and sharing meals over a 30 hour period. We are currently compiling a detailed program.

Following our successful conference last year, the Jewish Christian Muslim Association of Australia will be holding a short Winter Conference again in 2017.

Details of the conference and Eventbrite link to register you interest are below so we do hope you can join us!
JCMA Winter Conference 2017

Date: 2pm Sunday 6th August to 5pm Monday 7th August 2017

Venue: St Paul Retreat Centre, Nortons Lane, Wantirna South.

Cost: $160

Theme: ‘Faith and Society’

Vegetarian Meals and accomodation are included. Please see event brite for more details and to book your spot:


Please Note: Locations and dates may change on an annual basis, please check back for up-to-date details here.