Super Sunday Seminars

Conference Dinner
Conference Dinner

Super Sunday Seminars

Based on the original winter conference, the Super Sunday Seminar, is an afternoon packed with speakers, discussion groups and food. The seminar is a great chance to get to know other members and friends of JCMA and to explore caring for one another and for our community across religious boundaries.

Relationships: Engaging An-Other – 2014

Sunday 25 May, 2014, 2 pm to 8 pm,Mary MacKillop Hall, 227 Blair St, Dallas

  • My Relationships in My Community – Dr Ruth Arber from Deakin University
  • My Relationships in My Family- Ms Denise Lacey from Catholic Care presenting
  • My Relationship with myself – facilitator to be confirmed.

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2013 – Sorry is the Hardest Word: Forgiveness and Repentance

This seminar discussed the teachings of our faiths when we do something wrong; how we repent and how these teachings are expressed in prayer and individual actions; how we forgive those who have done wrong to us; and what we should do if our organised faith community does wrong to others?

2012 – The Prophet Motif: Meeting the divine challenge today – 2012

This conference explored the historical, social and spiritual dimensions of prophets and how we might hear God’s voice and meet the divine challenge for our own times in a variety of different ways. All Abrahamic faiths are rooted in revelation, with particular individuals accepting God’s call to deliver a message and to challenge people with that message.

2011 – The Hand of Welcome: Hospitality in our three faiths – 2011

The opening address on Sunday was given by Dr Merrill Kitchen who pointed out that we are all made of common elements and have a choice about whether we harm or give life to the cosmos. Merrill has a mixed faith background and has learned on her life journey how to work with different traditions and customs. She has spent some time working in medicine with her husband in Nazareth and Gaza and was able to bring us some amazing stories of hospitality across the three faiths in these places where lives were saved. One profound story, also a DVD was of an Israeli soldier stabbed in Nazareth and taken bleeding by a Muslim in his new taxi to a Christian hospital. At the hospital doctors from the three faiths worked together to save the soldier. The doctors in the DVD spoke of how their mission was one of healing and reconciliation.