Super Sunday Seminar 2013

90 people attended with two-thirds under 50 years of age. Of those who participated, 21 were Christian, 31 were Jewish and 38 were Muslim.The sessions included:

  • “Context and History” -history of the relations among the three faiths, and an exploration of the need for apology and the healing of memories. Speakers: CoralieLing,ReemHakem, andTzipiBoroda.
  • “Faith Approaches” to repentance and forgiveness, looking at thesacred texts of our traditions, and how liturgy and ritual aim at encouraging us towards forgiveness, reconciliation and peace-making, as individuals and as members of a broader community. Speakers: John Dupuche, RamsayElsayedand StephenBoroda.
  • “Q&A session” moderated by President, Riad Galil. Panelists: Jonathan Keren-Black,Merrill Kitchen, Lindsay Rust andSenemEren.
  • “Prayer for forgiveness” by each of the three faith groups.

David Shutz, current chair, paid tribute to the retiring chair, Dr Paul Gardner who joinedthe Conference Committee at its foundation in 2003.