Winter Conference Registration and Selection Process

Registration & selection procedure

  1. The number of participants is limited to 75 people. An appropriate balance of participants from all three faith traditions is sought, representing a wide spread of experiences and communities.
  2. JCMA anticipates that there may be more applications than there are places available, in which case a selection procedure will be applied.
  3. JCMA seeks a balance of lay men and women, clergy, academics, those working in support or welfare roles and tertiary students
  4. Application forms are available from the JCMA Office (03 9287 5590) or from the JCMA website (
  5. A $50 refundable deposit is required with the application. Deposits will be refunded to unsuccessful applicants & are also refundable for cancellations until 7 days before the conference.
  6. Applications are requested 30 days before the event. Initial places will be allocated and applicants notified 20 days before the event.
  7. Successful applicants will be required to confirm their registration by payment of the registration fee within 14 days of notification.
  8. If the fee is not received within this time the place may be offered to other applicants. Late offers of places may therefore be issued to those who were unsuccessful on the first application.
  9. If there are still places available after the first round of offers, late applications will be considered.