Within the school setting, JCMA promotes the prevention of emotional and physical abuse arising from religious intolerance and cultural discrimination. It aims to reduce racism, intolerance, bigotry and violence and the associated emotional harm through enabling students to:

  • Demonstrate greater understanding of & empathy with people from diverse groups
  • Demonstrate respect for others and exhibit appropriate behaviour for maintaining relationships with other people – both different and similar to themselves
  • Describe some of the roles of individuals and groups in the community, the benefits of taking action at the local level, and to be motivated to take some action as part of a diverse partnership
  • Learn and appreciate through questioning that there is diversity both within and between the three Abrahamic faiths

The JCMA schools workshops are a key component of JCMA’s principal activities encouraging participation in education programs that contribute towards targeting racism and abusive behaviour and preventing its harmful emotional effects.

The JCMA Schools Committee actively promotes the aims and activities of the Association by regularly meeting every second month to:

  • evaluate and review the progress of workshops being offered
  • explore strategic avenues to further market and promote the JCMA workshops
  • develop and improve the curriculum of the schools workshops seeking to continually make its content relevant
  • develop and improve the training program of the JCMA schools presenters in order to add value to existing skills as well as develop new skills

For more information contact: schoolscoordinator@jcma.org.au