Board Direction and Review

Dear JCMA Members and Supporters,

It has been a difficult few months for the Abrahamic faiths and the impacts on our communities have been considerable. Many of us have been overwhelmed and saddened by the suffering and realities of our humanity and limitations.

As the Board of JCMA, we have heard your suggestions and considered what we can say or do that is helpful. We acknowledge that our JCMA is precious and valuable, all the while being intrinsically vulnerable. And we recognise that in many ways we have failed; failed to support and nurture each other; and collectively failed to serve the human family with anything like the compassion and humility which we say is our highest truth.

Over the years, we have cultivated a congenial space where Jews, Christians and Muslims can listen to one another, nurturing and enriching our lives in Australia. Yet, the last few months show us how this graced “achievement” is tenuous, provisional, easy to negatively critique. We each have a primary loyalty to our own faith with which our loyalty to JCMA must be consistent.

In recognition of these difficulties and JCMA’s role, the Board is undertaking a strategic review. We shall consider our purpose, programs, audience and communication. It is imperative that we reach more people, have greater impact and provide a space that can withstand and even counter overseas and local storms. Ultimately the JCMA must be robust and vibrant, uniting our faiths and reflecting our warmth and spirit as Australians.

At all times, we welcome your input and will keep you updated of our progress. Thank you for your suggestions, patience and support.

The JCMA Board