Message from the JCMA Board

Dear JCMA Community,

The JCMA President, The Right Reverend Bishop Philip Huggins, and the JCMA Board are deeply aware of the impacts overseas conflicts can have on our JCM members and communities in Australia.

The JCMA promotes the prevention of emotional and physical abuse arising from religious intolerance and cultural discrimination. We hope that our members and our communities continue striving for social cohesion and harmony through meetings and dialogue, so that even in difficult times, we as Australian Jews, Christians and Muslims will continue fostering understanding and relationships that reduce racism, bigotry and violence.

Peace is a divine gift for all Australians and our common bonds of humanity and a desire to not import global conflicts into our life here in Australia is valued. Our life together as people of faith in Australia can be and should be a sign of hope to the wider world. A sign of hope as to how, from the deepest truths of our religion, we who are Jewish, Muslim and Christian can flourish together in civilised and gracious community.

We pray for lasting peace and invite you to pray with us, in your own way, today:

The Board of JCMA Australia,

Shalom, Peace, Salaam