Message from New President of JCMA – Riad Galil

Sheik Riad Galil - JCMA President
It was pleasing to see so many old and new friends at our AGM. JCMA is growing with confidence. Thank you to all members who attended. I trust that you had a good evening, particularly when Elsedeaq committee decided to treat us to a banquet instead of the promised light supper’. Thank you to Elsedeaq people for their generous and welcoming spirit.

Mr Hyder Gulam, ICV (Islamic Council of Victoria) President kicked off the day by a very encouraging and motivational introduction. He introduced Mr. Chin Tan, VMC Chief Commissioner whose talk was quite inspirational. He emphasised all the values that our membership hold dear to their hearts.

David Schutz was confirmed as our continuing Secretary for the coming year and Samar Mougharbel assumed the Treasury portfolio. Welcome to both. Theo MacKaay brought order and professionality to our organisation, particularly in the treasury portfolio. His decision to continue on the board will prove vital to our continued success.

In the past year, I worked quite close to Shamir Caplan during his Presidency. He worked
tirelessly with finesse and style. His is a hard act to follow. He is a member
of the present Board. As such I’ll be heavily relying on his counsel and advice.

Jonathan Keren-Black initiated a seminar program a few years ago. We intend to reintroduce this forum to cater for our membership and friends who, for various reasons cannot attend our live-in conferences. It would also be an opportunity to extend our profile to the wider community.

As we intend to activate the “A” in JCMA. We’re planning a forum in Sydney to showcase our unique model of interfaith and multiculturalism. At the moment we’re searching for friends in NSW who would partner with JCMA promoting interfaith dialogue and harmony. It would be great if you can help provide some contacts there. Please let’s know.

I’m grateful to so many people for their confidence and look forward toward your continued support to spread peace and harmony in our society. I believe that what we’re doing is vital for our society spreading more understanding and cooperation for everyone’s benefit.

Wishing you all the best in the coming holyday season and hope to see you all with batteries fully charged.

In Peace

Riad Galil OAM
President- JCMA