Listening to the Statement of the Heart: The Interfaith Centre of Melbourne

The highly successful event organised by Rev Helen Summers OAM and the Interfaith Centre of Melbourne with wide support from partners and supporters including JCMA was held at St Oswald’s Anglican Church in Glen Iris on Sunday afternoon 17 February 2019.


The church is decorated with beautiful artwork predominantly by Rev Glenn Loughrey who is a Wiradjuri Man and priest at St Oswald’s. His painting entitled Treaty was included on the program cover.

Along with a large diverse audience, we listened to a full and moving program which began with a haunting Musical Prelude by Dr Calvin Bowman playing Dawn Canticle by Ross on the organ.

After opening remarks from Helen Summers Aunty Helen Bnads delivered a solemn reading of The Statement from the Heart. During the reflection time that followed we were treated to a beautiful solo flute piece – a Sarabande for solo flute by J.S.Bach.

Rev Glenn Loughrey responded to the reading with Winha—nga-rra Listen, Hear. Reflect.Stained Glass St Oswalds

Each representative of the major religions (Jewish, Christian, Islamic, Hindu, Buddhist and Sikh) was invited to share a reflection on behalf their traditions. There was a united expression of support from the leaders of the diverse communities, where some expressed more work needs to be done to create awareness in new and emerging communities around the First Nations of Australia.

Rev Helen Summers expressed her gratitude to all who participated, making the event a grand success. She announced that the Interfaith Centre of Melbourne will now be housed at St Oswald’s. The closing remarks came from Rev Glenn Loughrey and the Postlude by J.S. Bach was played by Dr Calvin Bowman on the organ to close the program.

The audience were invited to participate in a Walk in the Reconciliation Garden and partake of refreshments and conversation in the Hall.