JCMA Women’s Conference

JCMA Women’s Conference for 2013 is now open for registrations. More information here

The JCMA Women’s Conference offers an exciting and stimulating opportunity for women to share experiences and perspectives in the conversation of faith and hope towards the future of humanity. Women will have the opportunity to actively engage with one another and explore ways in which they can make a difference; this will be via informal small group and general discussion.

The Edmund Rice Conference Centre known as “Amberley” is opposite Westfield Park just 25 Ks from the CBD and overlooks the Yarra River. It is set in gardens and rolling lawns that include a labyrinth, an all faiths chapel and a huge
balcony overlooking the river

The conference rooms, dining room, bedrooms and facilities are modern and comfortable.

The fees are inclusive of all meals, linen and towels. Meals served at the Conference will be strictly vegetarian, and there will be no alcohol.
Kosher food and other dietary requirements available on request.

Sessions will be interactive and presented by members of each faith, topics will include:

  • symbols of our faiths,
  • an introduction to the three faiths,
  • sacred Texts from the three faiths and
  • rights & rites’ in religious law.

Evening sessions will focus on getting to know other participants through music and singing and other enjoyable activities.

Time within the conference is also set aside for meditation, reflection and Muslim prayer

The Program includes:

  • Women’s Stories, Reflections & Spirituality
  • How women of faith respond to the challenges of human life
  • How women of faith relate despite differing culture and religion
  • Personal experiences that portray aspects of women’s faith and spirituality within their tradition, their place in each faith, about contemporary life and express hope in the future of humanity
  • Groups, songs, dance, art & culture
  • Worship in the traditions of Judaism, Christianity and Islam