JCMA Womens Conference 2013 Photos

JCMA women recently held their 7th annual women’s conference at Amberley in Lower Plenty, with the theme of Demystifying our faiths – Debunking stereotypes. One highlight was a presentation by Sarah Sabagh and Rose Bogarts of the very successful show “My image, My dress, My choice” in which Muslim women model appropriate Islamic clothing and each woman explains why she chooses to wear a hijab. The issue of what is culture and what is religion was also explored.

JCMA women's conference 2013 JCMA women's conf 10Feb12_008 JCMA women's conf 10Feb12_009 JCMA women's conf 11Feb12_004 JCMA women's conf 11Feb12_005 JCMA women's conf 12Feb12_001 JCMA women's conf 12Feb12_005