JCMA Statement – To Our Christian Brothers and Sisters

Statement Issued 28th July 2016

Jewish Christian Muslim Association of Australia

We were deeply distressed to hear of the attack in the church in Saint-Etienne-du-Rouvray and the brutal killing of Father Jacques Hamel in his church.

This is an affront to all people of religion and we join together as Jews, Christians and Muslims to condemn this violent attack in a place of peace and prayer.

Know that we share in your pain and sorrow. The victims and their families and friends are all in our prayers.

We unequivocally condemn those who carried out this attack in the name of God and reject their toxic distortion of Islam.

Gathering this weekend for our annual conference, we stand together in the prayer that our love and compassion will overcome bigotry and hatred.

May the blessing of Shalom, Peace, Salaam speedily grace our planet.



Rabbi Ralph Genende

President JCMA on behalf of JCMA

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About JCMA

Members of the Jewish, Christian and Muslim communities have been coming together since 2003 in JCMA forums, conferences and events to learn more about each other and address some of the more difficult and controversial questions our communities face today.

JMA recognises the importance of educating our young people in intercultural understanding and respect and runs a primary and secondary school program in Victoria. A Jewish, Christian and Muslim present together giving students and teachers the opportunity to challenge stereotypes and learn to respect diversity and difference.


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