JCMA STATEMENT – Pray For Peace In Jaranwala, East Pakistan & Manipur, Northeast India

The Jewish Christian Muslim Association of Australia (JCMA) notes with sadness ​and deep concern the recent events at Jaranwala, East Pakistan and in Manipur, Northeast India, where churches have been burnt and desecrated and the loss of life.

The JCMA reminds all of the importance of holy sites and places of worship to the peoples of the world, the need for such sites to be treated with sanctity, and worshippers to be protected from harm.

We note the power of religion as a force for good, with a special ability to recognise and respect each other. We abhor violence ​committed against worshippers and places of worship, and emphasise that there can no justification for such acts.

We pray together for the end of conflict, and for peace on earth based upon mutual respect, ​justice, tolerance and inclusiveness.