Hope In The Midst of Life – JCMA Conference – Day 2 – Sunday 22nd August 2021

JCMA COnference 2021 Website.As people of Faith we are learning to live with uncertainty in all areas of our lives. This conference invites participants to think about the various ways in which our faiths understand hope.

On Day 1 we explored together hope through our stories, scriptures, and teachings and through people who have inspired us.

On Day 2 we hear from three speakers with their reflections on who or what has inspired Hope for them in their lives. In Session 2, ‘Hope As A Catalyst For Change’, there is an opportunity to share in groups our own thoughts and reflections.

The plenary session brings the two-day conference to a close with a focus on how do we and our communities provide strong foundations to sustain and give us Hope In the Midst Of Life and ‘How is JCMA ‘A Catalyst For Hope In Our Communities’?


Date: Sunday 22ndAugust

Times: 2pm-5.30pm

Place: ON ZOOM.Cost:FREE

Registration: https://jcmahopeinmidstoflifeday2.eventbrite.com.au

Program information: Day 2 program click here: JCMA Conference Program Day 2.

For More Information: Contact Lorraine by email: secretary@jcma.org.au or call: 0419 687 593.

Please note: For those of you who have already booked in and paid for the conference: We will be providing a refund and will contact you later next week with further details.