What is JCMA?
The Jewish-Christian-Muslim Association of Australia, a Victorian-based organisation established in 2003 which aims to enable people of faith to deepen their understanding by meeting

Are you trying to convert me?
Not at all. When you chose to participate in a JCMA events (such as a residential conference or a schools workshop), you are bringing your experience and identity and views and values, from which others can learn as in the same way you learn about theirs.

So what’s the point?
JCMA is supported and run only by people who have a religious faith, but understand that there are other faiths different to their own, with people adhering to them with conviction. JCMA aims to develop interest, respect and understanding for the difference and diversity of faiths found in Australia today.

Who are these sponsoring organisations?
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What will I benefit from participating?
You will meet other people with religious approaches and understandings different to your own. You will be challenged and stimulated. You will come away knowing more about other people’s faith, and perhaps learn something more about your own as well.

What’s so different about JCMA?
JCMA is very similar to the Jewish-Christian-Muslim conference which has been running in Germany for over 30 years.

Like many interfaith organisations, JCMA is trying to develop harmony and understanding. Where JCMA and its German counterpart differ is that you are the key resource. Lectures and sessions are all given by participants, and you may be invited to participate in a session yourself if you wish to. Certainly everyone is encouraged to contribute to the discussion groups which are a key part of the process. You encounter the other faiths by meeting with people of those faiths at a deep level.