JCMA Friendship Walk


The Jewish Christian Muslim Association of Australia runs an annual friendship walk around October-November of each year, where you are welcome to join us and spend an afternoon walking together in friendship and goodwill between a church, synagogue and a mosque. See the video from last year’s walk and read what some its organisers and participants had to say as well:


We as a people, share so much in common. A walk, a conversation, a handshake, a smile, a greeting and curiosity for one another’s experiences was shared on this day. This is consciousness at work. Getting out of your comfort zone takes you to your comfort zone, this zoning is better known as understanding the unfamiliar. To realise that we have more in common; than not. Through the act of walking, the ordinary becomes something extraordinary through the amalgamation of commonalities. Put simply, we are all so different yet, paradoxically so similar to each other. Walking is an adjunct to understanding our common ground. – The Albanian Australian Islamic Society

In this day and age of so much misunderstanding, this is a great opportunity to meet with others and maybe learn a little about each other’s faith. I’m looking forward to a day of sunshine, fresh air and friendship. – Dan Wootton, Moderator for 2015 JCMA Friendship Walk


Starting at St Peters Eastern Hill Anglican Church we walk across the road to the East Melbourne Hebrew Congregation Synagogue and then onto to the Albanian Mosque in Carlton North. We start with a prayer of peace and reflections and then learn about some of the history and traditions of each of the places we visit.

Proposed Meeting Place & Planned Walking Route

1.45pm – Registration

2.00pm – St Peters Eastern Hill Anglican Church

Welcome by Rabbi Ralph Genende, JCMA President and Father Hugh Kempster
15 Gisborne Street (corner of Albert Street) East Melbourne, google maps: http://bit.ly/1O4w0xE
Please arrive at 1.45pm and meet in the car park beside the church at St Peters Eastern Hill

2.30pm – East Melbourne Hebrew Congregation Synagogue

Welcome by Rabbi Dovid Gutnick, 488 Albert street, East Melbourne,  google maps:  http://bit.ly/2delE0D

3.50pm – Albanian Mosque

Welcome by Imam Dr Bekim Hasani, 765 Drummond St., Carlton North VIC 3054, google maps http://bit.ly/1KbPHwz

Map of the Walking Route

For further details and a map of the planned walking route go to ‘Walking Maps” webpage: http://walkingmaps.com.au/walk/2194.  Please arrive at 1.45pm and meet in the car park beside the church at St Peters Eastern Hill.

For People With Mobility Issues

A minibus is available from St Peters Anglican Church for people with genuine mobility issues who cannot walk the distance thanks to Jewish Care who have generously provided a minibus.  Seats are limited, bookings essential please call Ginette Everest on (03) 9287 5590 or 0400 211 221 for availability.  At this time wheelchair access may be limited at some of the venues and on the minibus.

RSVP, Registration and Information

For more information please call Ginette Everest on (03) 9287 5590 or 0400 211 221 or email to: executiveofficer@jcma.org.au.

Go to our Facebook page https://www.facebook.com/jcmaonline and Twitter http://twitter.com/jcmaoz  using #JCMAwalk and #JCMAfriendship and invite others to join us in walking together in friendship and peace.


Interested promoting our walk? View our previous walks’ media kit