School Workshops – FAQ’s

School workshops – Frequently Asked Questions:


Is there a minimum class size?

Not at all, we extend our engagement with any class size.

How long is the workshop?

Workshops are 90 minutes long, however we understand that sometimes young minds are inquisitive, so we allow up to 30mins of extra time if required on the day.

Are there any technical requirements for the workshops?

Yes, requirements include a video machine and screen visible to all so that students can watch a short introductory video presentation.

Whats is the base cost involved?

Please note: prices are always evolving, so for an accurate quote based on your requirements please contact us

Standard workshops are $748 with any alternate requirements requiring a custom quote.

Can your presenters fit their content to suit our curriculum?

We advise our presenters to cater aspects of their content to accommodate with school curriculum and any additional requirements stipulated by staff or members of faculty.

Dietary Guidelines

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For any other questions or to book a workshop, please contact Ginette on 0400 211 221 or email