Women’s Events

All the Gals - JCMA Women's Conference 2011The JCMA Women’s Events offer an exciting and stimulating opportunity for women to share experiences and perspectives in the conversation of faith and hope towards the future of humanity. Women have the opportunity to actively engage with one another and explore ways in which they can make a difference; this will be via informal small group and general discussion.

JCMA is excited to be preparing events for 2017, watch this space, or keep an eye out on our Facebook page!




JCMA Women’s Conference 2017 -’ Inspiring Women of Faith’

The Jewish Christian Muslim Association of Australia Women’s Committee will be holding a weekend Conference for women only.

Theme: ‘Inspiring Women of Faith’

Dates:  5pm Friday 12th May to 1pm Sunday 14th May 2017

Venue: Don Bosco Retreat Centre, 465 Lysterfield Rd, Lysterfield http://bit.ly/2nyCu05

Cost: $195

Registration: Eventbrite http://bit.ly/2nGbP1t


The ‘Inspiring Women of Faith’ conference is for women who identify as Jewish, Christian or Muslim. We will be sharing in prayer, joint scripture study and hearing about life experiences of others that inspire us.  Meals will be vegetarian and conform to Halal requirements. Strict Kosher food will be arranged for those who require it. Please advise us of any special dietary requirements. There are limited numbers so please book early.

For more information contact Ginette Everest (03) 9287 5590 or womenconference@jcma.org.au.

Seasonal Celebrations Explained – Christmas, Chanukah & Muharram

On Sunday 4th of December 2016 the Jewish Christian Muslim Association of Australia (JCMA) women’s committee hosted an event, at the Islamic Council of Victoria, with talks on seasonal celebrations of the three Abrahamic faiths. It was a well-attended event with an audience of over 35 women. An opportunity to make new friends and learn from each other over shared food for the festive season.

The first speaker was Nomi Kaltman who spoke on the Jewish Festival of Lights, Chanukah and its background, history and traditions. These traditions range from lighting the Menorah to eating foods fried or baked in oil to commemorate the miracle of keeping the Second Temple’s Menorah alight for eight days.

Nomi was followed by Irene Donohue Clyne who spoke on the Christmas celebrations and the influence of cultural symbols associated with it. Irene also emphasised on the spirit of Christmas which celebrates the birth of Prophet Jesus pbuh (peace be upon him) and an integral part of Christmas is the gathering of family and friends.

The final speaker was the chair of JCMA Women’s committee Ayesha Bux who spoke about the importance of reflecting on the deeper meaning in the Abrahamic traditions. She called Muharram the month of inspiration rather than celebration.  The 10th of Muharram being significant to all Prophets starting from Prophet Adam pbuh as it was the day God showed him compassion, Prophet Noah pbuh’s ark landed, Exodus of Prophet Moses pbuh took place, Prophet Jesus pbuh was born right till the martyrdom of Imam Hussain as the grandson of Prophet Muhammad pbuh who protested against injustice in a non-violent way. This shaped the world by inspiring leaders like Gandhi who said “I learned from Hussain how to be wronged and be a winner, I learnt from Hussain how to attain victory while being oppressed”

JCMA Interfaith women

Seasonal Celebrations Explained – Christmas, Chanukah & Muharram
Date:  Sunday 4th December 2016          Time:  2.00 – 5.30 pm
Venue: Islamic council of Victoria, 66-68 Jeffcott St, West Melbourne  | Google maps: https://goo.gl/maps/cMxs4phknSs
Cost: $ 10, $5 concession
This event is a women only event.

Connect with like minded women in faith and spirituality and get together in the spirit of the festive season at the Jewish Christian Muslim Association of Australia (JCMA) Women’s Seasonal Celebrations womens conference.   Our speakers are Ayesha Bux on Muharram (Muslim New Year), Irene Donohoue Clyne on Christmas and Nomi Kaltmann on Chanukah (Jewish Festival of Lights).  Learn more about the celebrations, ask questions and meet some new friends. Everyone is invited to bring a plate of vegetarian food appropriate for their faith celebration at this time of the year to share with each other. For more information:  Email: womenconference@jcma.org.au or call (03) 9287 5590 or 0400 211 221. 

Please register for the event by booking online at: https://jcmaseasoncelebrations.eventbrite.com.au Website: https://www.jcma.org.au Facebook: https://www.facebook.com


Sunday 4th October 2015 – Women’s Compassion Forum

This women’s only forum will be based on presentations from the Scriptures of the three Abrahamic faiths on the concept of Compassion. Program will consist of Video on Charter of Compassion, Speaker Presentations, Q&A, Group discussions, etc.


  • Sue Morgan, Jewish Pastoral Carer and Hospital Chaplain
  • Dr Merrill Kitchen, Christian Biblical Scholar
  • Reem Hakem, JCMA Muslim School Presenter
  • Di Hirsh, Moderator

This is a women’s only event. Light refreshments will be provided.

Time: 12:15pm Registration, 12:30pm Light refreshment, 1:00pm – 3:30pm Forum
Location: Wellsprings for Women Inc., 79 Langhorne Street, Dandenong [Mel Ref 90 D7]  Google maps: http://bit.ly/1PI583Q 

Cost: $15
RSVP: Wednesday 30 September 2015 email: womenconference@jcma.org.au or call 03 9287 5590, mobile 0400 211 221


Sunday 15 March 2015 – Understanding Head Coverings

      • Date: Sunday 15 March 2015
      • Time: 1pm to 4pm
      • Location: Benevolence House, Reischiecks Reserve, 125 George Street, Doncaster East, 3108
      • Cost: $10


      • Chaya New (Mother of eight. Retired teacher from Beth Rivkah Ladies College),
      • Mary Coloe (Biblical scholar and Sister from the Presentation Order),
      • Catriona Devlin (Coordinator at Kildara Spirituality Centre & Sister of the Brigidine Order),
      • Sherene Hassan (Director of the Islamic Museum of Australia)

MODERATOR:  Rufiath Yousuff (Vice-Chair of Benevolence Australia & Board Member of JCMA)

This women’s only forum provides a unique opportunity to understand and appreciate the significance of the head covering in each of the three Abrahamic faiths. Hear from speakers discussing its religious and historical origins, how it is viewed in the modern era and what it means for them today.

A light lunch will be served at 1pm, followed by speaker presentations with Q&A/group discussions.

RSVP: womenconference@JCMA.org.au for catering purposes.


2014 – Repairing the World

This conference focused on women’s stories, reflections & spirituality, how women of faith respond to the challenges of life and relate despite differing cultures and religions. The program also covered personal experiences which portray aspects of women’s faith and spirituality within their tradition; their place in their faith; contemporary life; and their hopes for the future of humanity

2013 – Demystifying Our Faith: debunking stereotypes

At the 7th annual women’s conference, a highlight was a presentation by Sarah Sabagh and Rose Bogarts of the very successful show “My image, My dress, My choice” in which Muslim women model appropriate Islamic clothing and each woman explains why she chooses to wear a hijab. The issue of what is culture and what is religion was also explored.

2012 – Women of Faith as Peacemakers

The program covered symbols of our faiths; women practising peace; sacred texts from the three faiths and personal faith journeys.