Professional Learning Programs

JCMA provides a range of thought provoking and interactive workshops and professional learning modules to assist teachers and staff gain a better understanding of cultural diversity in the school community.

The workshop can be customised for all school communities as we recognise that each school is unique and the workshops can be designed to address specific needs and desired outcomes.  CMA has the expertise in how to facilitate meaningful intercultural and interfaith conversation and students gain more empathy and understanding of different cultures.  Some of the benefits include:

  • Introduces teachers to critical pedagogical principles of intercultural education
  • Prepares teachers in how to support students navigate our increasingly culturally complex worlds
  • Effective teaching strategies allowing deeper student learning to take place
  • An experience of and access to activities and class resources for embedding intercultural understanding in the curriculum
  • Opportunity to reflect on how to apply best practice in the classroom


1. Intercultural Understanding Matters -

2. An Introduction To Islamaphobia and Anti-semitism

3. Interfaith Dialogue

4. Intercultural Understanding – Three presenters

5. Intercultural Understanding – Single Faith presentation

For More Information 

For more information contact Ginette on 0400 211 221 or email

To Make a Booking

To book a Teacher Professional Learning workshop download a booking form by clicking here  JCMA Staff PD Workshop Booking Form complete and email to When organising dates for a JCMA workshop please be aware that on some holy days and celebrations presenters may not be available due to religious observances.