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JCMA has been delivering diversity education workshops since 2003.  Representatives from each of the three faiths share their personal journeys in a 90 minute workshop and engage with students in lively dialogue answering student’s questions:

  • - Exploring their beliefs, values, traditions and faith practices
  • - Helping students make connections around issues of diversity, faith and belonging
  • - Help students reflect on their attitude to people different to themselves

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Types of Workshops Available

JCMA offers a wide range of workshops, relevant to any school or age group. All workshops can be customised in content or length to suit your needs.All of our presenters are trained and hold a current Working With Children Check. JCMA presenters are personable and always happy to share their story!

The Types of workshops you can book with us include:

VCE Religion and Society – supporting curriculum outcomes, a Muslim, Christian and Jew explain their faith tradition and personal stories, while referencing the 9 aspects of religion

VCE Text and Tradition - supporting curriculum outcomes, a Muslim, Christian and Jew explain their faith tradition and personal stories, with specific reference to their religious texts and their influence

Intercultural Understanding – hearing a Muslim, Christian and Jew explain their faith tradition and their personal stories as a member of that group within the multicultural Australian context

Single Faith –in-depth presentation of one tradition, and how that person’s life is shaped by it

Ethics – listening to a Muslim, Christian and Jew explain foundational ethical concepts of their tradition, as well as their personal stories within that personal faith tradition.

Gender - hearing a Muslim, Christian and Jew explain about how gender is understood by each tradition and how this idea shapes the person’s life choices.

Dispelling Stereotypes – asking students to reflect upon the stereotypical perceptions that exists about each of the three traditions, and then hearing a Muslim, Christian and Jew respond

Challenging Prejudice – when a school community finds itself needing to respond to a racist incident, a Muslim, Christian or Jew can discuss their experiences of prejudice

We also deliver custom workshops.  Let us know if you are interested in a topic that’s not listed.

JCMA Intercultural Understanding Workshops

Three presenters of Jewish, Christian and Muslim faiths deliver a 90-minute workshop to primary and secondary school students and their teachers. This is the JCMA flagship program which has been running since 2007. It challenges some of the typical perceptions young people may hold and demonstrates friendship and respect between people of different faiths and cultures.

  • Comparing different faith traditions, the commonalities and differences
  • Sharing of personal life experiences, beliefs and common values
  • Linking issues of diversity and faith to belonging and community identity
  • Interactive Q & A session

JCMA Single Faith Workshop

One presenter of Jewish, Christian or Muslim faith delivers a workshop of up to 90 minutes to primary and secondary school students and their teachers. This is a great way to really get to know one faith on an individual level.

  • Sharing of personal story
  • Discussing daily practices and fundamental beliefs
  • Explaining festivals and how they are celebrated
  • Exploring key symbols

JCMA Breaking Down Stereotypes Workshop

An activity based session run by three presenters of Jewish, Christian and Muslim faiths that break down stereotypes. This 90 minute workshop is recommended for secondary school students and their teachers. Participants gain an insight into how they experience stereotypes and the strong impact stereotypes can have.

  • Defining what stereotypes are
  • Reflecting on the stereotypes students come across every day
  • Learning about and debunking stereotypes within and between different faiths

JCMA Gender and Faith Workshop

Three presenters of Jewish, Christian and Muslim faiths will deliver this 90 minute workshop, focusing on gender and faith. Best suited for secondary students and their teachers, this workshop will discuss current and historic issues to do with gender equality,challenges and possible ways to overcome those, and sharing of personal stories related to gender equality or gender roles.

JCMA Teacher Professional Learning

JCMA can also provide engaging and thought provoking workshops for teachers. These aim to provide a better understanding of current issues centred on cultural diversity, identity and belonging.  For more information on how JCMA can inform and educate teachers and staff or provide keynote speakers for conferences, forums and staff planning days call Ulla on 03 9287 5571.

The JCMA Presenters

A Jewish-Christian-Muslim team visits schools across Melbourne and regional Victoria to introduce themselves and their traditions, to positively counter stereotypes and race-based or religious discrimination and to explore issues relevant to the school and the wider community.

JCMA recruits, provides training to, and supports their presenters. The effective training of presenters prepares them to effectively combat racism by:

  • Cultivating in the presenters personal values and attributes such as honesty, resilience, empathy and respect for self, others and the community
  • Providing information to the presenters to raise self-awareness of bias and prejudice that might impede their presentations
  • Preparing and training them for modelling acceptance and understanding of others in presenting to the students

For more information contact: schoolscoordinator@jcma.org.au

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