To Make a Booking

To book a workshop download a booking form by clicking here  JCMA Schools Workshops Booking Form_2019v2 complete and email to When organising dates for a JCMA workshop please be aware that on some holy days and celebrations presenters may not be available due to religious observances.

For more information contact Ulla on (03) 9287 5571 or email

Prior To Your Workshop


About a week prior to the workshop going ahead at your school, the JCMA Schools Program Coordinator or other representative from the JCMA will contact you. All details for the workshop will be confirmed as well as ensuring that the venue is suitable and the students and staff are prepared for the workshop.Venue requirements include a video machine and screen visible to all so that students can watch a short video presentation.

Students could be encouraged to use the following Education Resources to develop their understanding of some of the material that may be covered.

JCMA Comparitive Guide to Faiths

This Comparative Guide is available to downloadable here and provides details about JCMA and the Abrahamic faiths JCMA Comparative Guide to Faiths.


An interactive comparative collection of information on Judaism, Christianity and Islam. Ensure your browser has multimedia settings enabled if you having any difficulty viewing the site JCM-iSITE.

Fast Facts

Here, students can find information relating to frequently asked questions about the Abrahamic faiths.

To download a JCMA Schools Program brochure Click here  

JCMA Schools Program

For further information contact Bryan on (03) 9287 5571 or email

Picture top RHS: God Demands Love – Artwork Competition