God Demands - art contest

JCMA prepares and provides an Education Program for both primary and secondary students in both government and non-government schools. This program aims to positively counter stereotypes and race-based or religious discrimination and eliminate hatred, vilification and misunderstanding by:

  • providing concrete experiential learning for students through their meeting face to face simultaneously with a Jew, a Christian and a Muslim; this approach does not advocate the adoption of any faith
  • providing ongoing diversity education and cultural transformation in the schools
  • partnering with the wider community via local multifaith networks leading to a raised awareness of the program, the breaking down of barriers and a combined community promotion of positive behaviours instead of hatred, vilification and misunderstanding
  • working with similar education programs to collaborate, share resources and training, and provide a broader base from which to build community resilience and bridges of understanding and respect, fostering open communication and engagement across communities

The JCMA schools workshops are a key component of JCMA’s principal activities encouraging participation in education programs that contribute towards targeting racism and abusive behaviour and preventing its harmful emotional effects.


Teams of three presenters, a Jew, a Christian and a Muslim, visit schools across Melbourne and regional Victoria with the following aims:

  •   To introduce a Jew, a Christian and a Muslim who live in Australia to the students, and to show the three panellists interacting respectfully and harmoniously
  •  To educate many more students to be more accepting of others and feel more empathy toward people who are different to themselves.
  •  To decrease the willingness of children and members of the community to be involved in or to condone hateful speech, prejudiced judgements and behaviours.
  •  To increase understanding of similarities and to encourage respect for difference and diversity amongst staff, students and parents.

JCMA Schools Workshops

JCMA offers a wide range of workshops, relevant to any school or age group and professional development workshops for teachers.  For more information call Rotem on 03 9287 5571 or email: or see our range of workshops here

Picture top RHS: God Demands Love – Art Competition